How to Learn Math Fast

March 12, 2021 0 Comments

It truly is possible to learn math fast with the Learn Math Fast curriculum for K-12. Read this review for all the details and discount code! Note: This article sponsored by Learn Math Fast, but all opinions are my own and based on our experience using the curriculum.

Then there was the time my daughter told me that she hadn’t done her Geometry for most of the semester.

It was MAY, people. She hadn’t worked on it AT ALL since January.

Can you say “devastated”?

So much went through my brain. Frustration, anger, sadness, fear—practically every negative emotion you can name.

We cried together. I may or may not have yelled a bit. We figured out some consequences and also worked together all summer to catch up. UGH.

Fast forward to six years later, when her younger sister told me the EXACT SAME THING. (Cuz teens will be teens, am I right?) (And yes, there was blame on my part in both instances as well, not gonna deny it. Let’s explore that another day, mkay?)

The Learn Math Fast difference is in the way the concepts are taught and the ease with which your kid will understand and apply them. No more struggling with math here!

The system focus on MATH – just MATH – and covers different MATH subjects in a logical, sequential order. I’m a fan of logical and sequential.
The books give thorough explanations and lots of examples. Concepts are easy to grasp. Yah!
The books are self-directing – the system encourages independent learning. I LOVE to encourage independent learning – that’s one of the main reasons I’m homeschooling. So, these books are a total fit for our family.
Because the books are self-directing, there’s no need for an instructor or a Teacher’s Handbook (although you are involved, especially with Vol I).
All the answers and complete solutions are in the back of each book. If your child isn’t grasping a concept, having the full solution REALLY helps! At least it does at our house!
Students are encouraged to look at the answers in the back of the book and to learn from their mistakes. Again, this reinforces independent learning.
Students are encouraged to spend as much time on a lesson as they need – and to repeat lessons when necessary. Again independence (and self-evaluation/judgement) are being taught. I appreciate it when my daughter says, “I really need to look at this lesson again.” It seems so mature to me.

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